Here is to my first time blogging.

So I suppose a little history is in order to explain Dragon Born Deinera.

First of all…Dragons. How can you go wrong there. But I do love them. They are fierce and magnificent, and I can only hope to befriend one someday.

Next up…Deinera. Deinera Nailo was the name of my first elf in D&D. I still remember walking back to my dorm room when Stephan pretty much abducted me asked me if I wanted to join play some D&D. My response was, “What is that?” Lets just say it was all down hill from there. That D&D group was a huge life saver for me. They really helped me to come out of my shell and actually interact with people rather than just watch. I doubt most of them even realized that they had done that. I didn’t even realize it until many years later. And to me Deinera was part of that catalyst. I’ve continued to use her ever since. World of Warcraft, X-Box, PlayStation, Valor, and other role playing games. She’s my gamer identity I suppose, but she is also that persona that helped me learn to interact outside of my own experiences. She’s bolder, more aggressive, and fiercely loyal. Even a little bit crazy. Though that might be the real me rubbing off on her. Perhaps in time some of her will rub off onto me.

Here I am now. I feel like so much is going on, and I just want to share some of it. I want to write about it and push up from there. This summer looks like it could be really exciting. Scary, but exciting. So, here is to riding out the waves and coming out on the other side. First project up…Liz’s French Macaron Protocol.